Muffin Break Year 7 & 8 Player Development Programme 

In 2020, Auckland Netball will offer Year 7 and Year 8 Development Squads as part of the Netball NZ’s national initiative, the Muffin Break Year 7&8 Player Development Programme (PDP). The Muffin Break PDP is an accelerated learning programme providing players the chance to develop and extend their technical, tactical and development skills as well as inspiring a lifelong love of the game. The programme has been developed as an alternative to Representative Teams, encouraging a broader talent pool and will include tournament play as part of the programme.

Integrated with this programme will be parent and whanau sessions, plus connections with Representative Team coaches. 

Registrations will open on Monday 31st March. The 2020 Programme dates and details will be available soon. 

Registrations to be involved are required to be completed online by players and their parents, with the endorsement of a school or club coach or sport coordinator to verify that the player is eligible and demonstrates the key strengths they identify (please see below).

When the form is submitted, the school/club coach entered in their form will receive an email copy. This enables coaches and coordinators to track who has completed the online form and chase up any who haven’t. Please ensure that the players have current contact details for the coach or coordinator who will provide the endorsement. When the coach / sport coordinator receive their copy of the registration form no action is required unless they notice an error, disagree with information provided or do not believe the player should be involved for any reason. 


Important Information


Players must be in School Year 7 or Year 8, must play in a school or club team at Auckland Netball (includes Auckland Netball, Windmill Park and Three Kings netball competitions), and must not be playing in a Representative Team at any Netball Centre. 

Cost: $160



Players registering will be asked to identify which of the following apply to them, minimum of 5:

  • A good work ethic
  • Executes netball skills at a high/above average level 
  • A high level of responsibility and self-reliance
  • Works well in a team environment and supports others
  • Shows a high level of overall athletic ability 
  • Enjoys playing the game of netball 
  • Is an enthusiastic learner 
  • Has a high level of commitment and dedication


  • Provide development opportunities for Year 7 & 8 players 
  • Include tactical and technical development for all positions 
  • Widen and improve the talent base at this level 
  • Implement a National approach for the development of talented young players 
  • Refocus on fundamental movement skills as athletes move through puberty 



  • Physical skill and tactical development through diverse sporting approaches 
  • Athlete development 
  • Integrated Neuromuscular development/improving muscle control of a growing body and improving and progressing Netball movement skill 
  • Stage specific strength activities