Committed to Player Welfare

Player welfare is a top priority for Auckland Netball, across all programmes and competitions. 
In 2020, player welfare will be addressed in the following areas
  • Player welfare is a top consideration when planning and delivering all netball experiences
  • Designated time on court for Junior and Secondary School teams to warm-up and prepare for their game
  • Player Liaison support available in season for 1-1 and small groups with Representative and NZSS players. This can include season and week planning, balancing study and sport commitments, ideal training and loading, selection and pathway opportunities at higher levels, or returning from injury plans, etc.
  • Year 9 and Under 16 Pre-season Programme for players interested in Representative netball.
  • Parent and Whanau workshops integrated in the Year 7&8 Development Squads (NNZ Muffin Break PDP)
  • Payer welfare processes and considerations included in Representative team policies and coach/manager packs.
  • Free NNZ NetballSmart practical workshops to run on game-days in winter season with all coaches, managers, parents and athletes welcome to attend
  • Free NNZ Netball Smart resources to be easily accessible online (links below) and at the centre, and promoted across competitions and development programmes
Debbie Christian, Auckland Netball’s founding Player Welfare Liaison, came on board in May 2017. On the front line, Debbie worked with players, parents and coaches to support and advocate player well-being, share resources and tools, plus guide and connect players with key personnel in Zone and National programmes and external providers. Behind the scenes, Debbie worked closely with our Development team influencing the frameworks behind player development programmes and increasing the profile of player welfare within the Representative Programme. During this time Debbie also worked with Netball New Zealand’s NetballSmart programme creating resources for Players and Parents, and was part of the Netball New Zealand Emerging Talent Working group 2018/2019.
In December 2019 we farewell Debbie as she shifts to work with the New Zealand Player’s Association, and we will be appointing a new Player Liaison in 2020. Auckland Netball thanks Debbie for the significant impact she has had with players, families, coaches and programmes at Auckland Netball and look forward to continue building upon the strong foundations she has set in place. 



Check out some top tips for summer netball preparation!


Check out the Netball NZ Player Development guidelines for the recommended number of sessions and games per day from ages 5 to 21 years of age.

Plus, the NNZ High Performance Player Guidelines and NNZ Zone Physical Testing Guidelines can both be found here



No matter how good you are or what team you were in last year, trials can be a stressful situation. Players are given short amounts of time, under pressure, in unfamiliar combinations to showcase their abilities as an athlete and team member. Check out the top tips for increasing success and decreasing stress!


NetballSmart has a range of useful info sheets:

  • Smart Parent Resource
  • Body Weight Strength Programme
  • Roller Recovery
  • Landing Skills
  • Warm up variations
  • Nutrition and Hydration



There are some significant and exciting changes happening to the Northern Comets and Northern Marvels Beko Netball League teams and performance structure. Please see the information below for details in full, and if you have any questions at all about the changes or how to get involved please feel free to email or call our Player Liaison, Debbie Christian.

Auckland Netball will be working closely with both Netball Northern Zone and the Northern Stars to coordinate a centre-based programme supporting players who seek selection into these teams.

Key points regarding changes for 2020:

  1. The Northern Stars will govern and operate the Northern Comets. 
  2. The Northern Zone will govern and operate the Northern Marvels.
  3. A geographical catchment area is still in place for each of the teams, however 20% of both Marvels and Comets can be made up of players from outside of the catchment area pending a release from the area they reside in. This can occur before trials for logistical and location bound purposes (e.g. based on where you work or study) or after the final squads are selected (e.g. an athlete has trialed in their area and not been selected)
  4. Trials: Northern Comets will select a group of core players and these players will begin training in November 2019. A trial will be held late January 2020.
  5. Trials: Northern Marvels will hold trials in early November 2019.
  6.  Final squad sizes are yet to be confirmed by the Netball New Zealand competition rules for 2020.
  7. School aged players will be considered but will need to obtain a special release from Netball New Zealand.

For full details regarding the change read this (link to attached PDF)

For more details about the different team programmes:
Northern Marvels
Northern Comets